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Ocean Muse Women's Flip Flops: Summer Style (2024)

Ocean Muse Women's Flip Flops: Summer Style (2024)

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Are you looking for women's flip flops that give you comfort, style and durability during your days at the beach or pool? Do not look any further! The Ocean Muse women's summer flip flops from Dietziar's Sun-Kissed collection are the perfect choice for you.

This is how our Ocean Muse Women's Flip Flops are

Forget about flip flops that rub or make your feet hurt. The Ocean Muse women's flip flops are designed to offer you maximum comfort throughout the day:

  • Padded synthetic leather upper strap that adapts perfectly to your foot.
  • Textured and contoured footbed that provides you with soft, ergonomic support.

Women's summer flip flops for all tastes

The Ocean Muse women's summer flip flops are not only comfortable, they are also very stylish ! Available in a variety of vibrant colors and modern designs , you'll be able to find the perfect pair to match your unique style:

  • Classic tones like black or white.
  • Bold colors like pink, blue or yellow.

Guaranteed durability of our women's flip flops

Ocean Muse flip flops are made with high quality materials that guarantee durability :

  • Wear-resistant faux leather top strip .
  • Light and flexible polyurethane (PU) sole .
  • Stitched around the upper perimeter for greater resistance.

Ease of care

Ocean Muse flip flops are very easy to care for. Simply spot clean with a damp cloth and they are ready to use again.

A product made with love and combinable

Ocean Muse flip flops are made with care and attention to detail. Our women's flip flops have the same name as our Ocean Muse swimsuit, due to having used the same pattern for both products and thus having a perfect set for your days at the beach and pool.

Buy your Ocean Muse flip flops today and enjoy a comfortable and stylish summer!

Why choose Dietziar for your women's summer flip flops?

  • Dietziar is a reliable company committed to the quality of its products.
  • Our women's flip flops can be combined with our swimsuits and bikinis.
  • Our customer service is excellent and we are always willing to help you.

Visit our website and discover the wide variety of Ocean Muse flip flops we have for you!

Product and shipping notices

Specific characteristics:

• Durable padded synthetic leather upper strap
• Lightweight polyurethane (PU) sole
• Textured and contoured footbed
• Stitched around the upper perimeter for greater durability
• Spot cleaning only is recommended
• Printed, cut and handmade
• Base product from China

Availability of the product

This product is available in the following countries: Germany, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Vatican City, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. If your shipping address is not in one of these countries, please choose a different product.


The sandals will have a slight glue smell when you open the box. This will disappear a few days after taking them out of their box.

Ocean Muse women's flip-flop size guide

5.5 5.5 3 36 22.5 22.6 24.1
6.5 6.5 4 37 23.5 23.2 24.8
7 7 4.5 38 24 23.5 25.4
8 8 5.5 39 25 24.5 26
8.5 8.5 6 40 25.5 24.8 26.7
9.5 9.5 7 41 26.5 25.7 27.3
10 10 7.5 42 27 26 28
eleven eleven 8.5 43 28 27 28.6
11.5 11.5 9 44 28.5 27.3 29.2

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