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Tired of boring plastic bags? Discover the tote bag , the versatile, practical and eco-friendly fabric bag that has become a must-have for all occasions.

What does tote bag mean?

The term "tote bag" comes from English and means "carry bag." It is characterized by its simple and practical design, with long handles and ample interior space to carry everything you need.

When to use a tote bag?

The possibilities are endless! A tote bag is perfect for:

  • Go shopping: Forget about plastic bags and opt for a more sustainable and resistant alternative.
  • Bring books or school supplies: Its large capacity allows you to transport books, notebooks and other school supplies comfortably.
  • Go to the beach or the gym: Its versatile design makes it ideal for carrying towels, a change of clothes and other items necessary for your outdoor activities.
  • A fashion accessory: Tote bags have become a fashion accessory that you can combine with any style.

What fabric is best for a tote bag?

There are various materials to choose your ideal tote bag:

  • Cotton: The most popular, resistant and breathable option. Ideal for everyday use.
  • Canvas: A strong and durable material, perfect for transporting heavy objects.
  • Nylon: Waterproof and tear resistant, ideal for outdoor activities or rainy days.
  • Polyester: An economical and easy to clean option.

Why choose a tote bag?

There are many reasons to choose a tote bag:

  • They are ecological: They reduce the consumption of plastic bags, contributing to the protection of the environment.
  • They are practical and versatile: They adapt to any need and occasion.
  • They are resistant and durable: Made with high quality materials, they will accompany you for a long time.
  • They are economical: An investment that is worth it due to its long useful life.
  • They are trending: A fashion accessory that reflects your personal style.

Tips for choosing your perfect tote bag:

  • Define your needs: What will you use it for? What size do you need?

  • Choose the right material: Depending on the use you will give it, select the material that best suits your needs.

  • Consider your style: Choose a design that matches your personality and taste.

  • Bet on quality: Look for a well-made tote bag with high-quality materials.

Are you looking for a tote bag that is practical, elegant and sustainable?

Do not look any further! Dietziar 's Essentials collection offers you three irresistible models: Pink Delight, Ruby Red and Citrus Twist.

tote bag

Choose your favorite color:

  • Pink Delight : A touch of sweetness and romanticism for your looks. Combine its pastel pink color with black handles for an elegant contrast.
  • Ruby Red : A reinvented classic, ideal for a touch of elegance. The vibrant red of this tote bag will make you stand out on any occasion.
  • Citrus Twist : Radiate energy and freshness with this vibrant yellow. A perfect tote bag to give a fun touch to your look.

What is the material of tote bags?

The tote bags from the Essentials collection are not only beautiful, but also resistant and durable . Made of 100% spun polyester , these bags will accompany you in your daily life for a long time.


    • Material: 100% polyester yarn
    • Dimensions: 38.1 x 38.1cm (15" x 15")
    • Ability: 10 L (2.6 US gal)
    • Double handle made of 100% natural cotton bull denim
    • Handle length: 30cm (11.8"), width 2.5cm (1")

How much weight can a Tote Bag hold?

In general, tote bags can hold between 5 and 10 kg of weight. However, the actual resistance depends on several factors. At Dietziar we have a maximum limit of 20 kg (44 lbs).

Our tote bags from the Essentials collection are capable of supporting everything you need in your daily life. Do you need to carry heavy books, gym clothes or supermarket shopping? No problem! These bags are designed to withstand even the heaviest loads.

Trust in the resistance and durability of Dietziar tote bags. Made with high quality materials, they will accompany you on your daily adventures regardless of the weight you carry.

What material are the handles on the Dietziar tote bag made of?

The 100% natural cotton bull denim double handles offer a comfortable and secure grip, so you can carry everything you need without worry.

The perfect tote bag for you!

Whether you're going shopping, to the beach, to the gym or to the office, the tote bags from Dietziar's Essentials collection are the ideal solution to carry everything you need in style.

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